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Posted by India Herbs - Ancient Remedies for Modern Times - - 1 comments

Wrong diet choices can put your health at risk. Just initiating a few changes in your diet would help you to overcome many health related issues like diabetes, heart and gastrointestinal problems and obesity in the future. There should not be any worry because you do not have to go for a 100 percent change in the initial stage. Here's how you can take small steps.

1. Say "No" to protein from animal sources: The foods in this category include cheese, milk, eggs, meat and butter. These animal proteins take a long time to get digested, thereby making you feel bloated after eating them. On top of that, many times you combine these fatty foods with acidic foods. For example, many people think that a cheese pizza would be digested quickly if they take it with a cola drink! And, those who love drinking often choose to have hard drinks with meat! A better option will be to avoid acidic foods and focus on fruits and vegetables which are more alkaline in nature. Acids have the power to cause long term thinning of the bones and to reduce the muscle mass. Additionally, the excess amount of animal fat present in meat can contribute to the bad cholesterol content of the body, thereby increasing the risk of heart diseases and obesity.

2. Limit your consumption of dairy products: Some of us really cannot think of passing a day without milk. Milk has to be there in our breakfast, lunch or even dinner! But in today's world, the dairy products lose most of their nutrient value after these products pass through various processes. And who is not aware of the cases of adulteration of milk and its products? Instead, include healthier alternatives in your menus such as soya milk and almond milk.

3. Cook without refined oils: While the smell of frying onions in refined oil may excite you, oil consumption should be moderated. Instead you can think of frying onions in water! You can add a pinch of salt to onion pieces and fry the same without any oil. If the content sticks, then you can add some water into it. The best way by which you can take in oil is through nuts and seeds. Oil in the refined form provides no benefit because of the lack of fiber.
4. Alter the way you cook: Vegetables can be cooked without oil although it might take a little longer than what it takes for cooking with oil. You can use vegetable broth to cook vegetables and curries. But how can you control the urge of your taste buds which would keep looking for oily, tasty delights like patties and cutlets? You can think of roasting the patties or cutlets after coating these items with fine peanut powder. It takes sometime before the oil gets released from the peanut powder. This oil is enough to cook the foods.

5. Switch over to whole foods: It is a fact that most of the nutrients and fiber are contained in the skin of the foods. But many people ignore this fact and throw away the skin. Also, many people have a tendency to choose white foods and simply raise their eyebrows on brown foods. On the contrary, your diet should consist of fiber-rich brown rice and whole wheat flour. Fibers present in whole foods help in the cleansing of the digestive system by pushing away substances out of the digestive tract, thereby helping in detoxification.

6. Use water minimally: We often think that we should thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits and grains before putting them on the cooking pan. It is a good practice, but the washing procedure might eliminate the nutrients as well. Better option would be to steam the vegetables instead of boiling them. Steaming requires less amount of water and hence more nutrients are retained. Experts suggest that you should refrain from washing the vegetables after you have chopped them into pieces.

7. Different time slot for having fruits: It is good if you avoid consuming fruits with a meal as fruits have a quick digestive mechanism and it is sugary too! Eating fruits after having huge amounts of other foods can cause gas related problems like bloating and discomfort. This is because, other fruits have a slow digestion process which delays the digestion of the fruit. The fruit ultimately cross react, ferment and putrefy (decay) releasing toxic gases causing a lot of uneasiness.

These are pretty common points and the targets are not at all very difficult to achieve. Only you need to rethink your lifestyle for initiating these changes. Would it be that difficult if you decide for an oil-free style of cooking? Would it be an issue to "think brown"? Would it be very tough for you to forget about those cheese pizzas and sandwiches? And what about those Colas which you need desperately while you go out shopping or dating? Giving a try does not require anything but an initiative and patience! But the prices are not that high in comparison to the value of your health and wellness.

India Herbs - Ancient Remedies for Modern Times

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  1. I am agree with your Blog that if you you are doing a wrong diet that was too risky on your life.Thanks for the useful details.I have been studying a lot of things about it. and the way in it is provided is amazing.